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Samson Company Group (Samson Ltd.) is a dynamically developing company, one of the leading providers of office and school products, accomplishing wholesale supplies throughout the Russian Federation.

The company imports production of leading world manufacturers of the goods for office and schools. Samson Ltd. works with more than 600 suppliers (including 400 suppliers from Eastern Asia).

Our customers are wholesalers — specialized and unspecialized retail shops (such department stores as "supermarket", "hypermarket", book shops), the wholesale companies and the dealers serving corporate clients.

Samson Company Group owns exclusive rights on distribution of well-known trade marks — BRAUBERG, STAFF, GALANT, ПИФАГОР (PYTHAGOR) under which the wide assortment of the goods for office and schools is produced. Household supplies and tableware assortment is significantly extended due to developing own brand LAIMA. Brand BRABIX offers high-quality office furniture and supplies. BRABIX goods stand out for their excellent quality and favorable pricing on the Russian market. Special place in the range occupies the electronics SONNEN, which includes a wide and constantly filled up model line of products in categories: consumer electronics, portable electronics and accessories for digital devices.

At the present time the number of highly skilled employees exceeds 6 000.

The company's warehouse service included into structure of the company, has own logistic service and car park with over 200 units of machinery with carrying capacity about 10 ton/unit.

The large system of storages (166 000 m2), located in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Voronezh, Volgograd, Nizhniy Novgorod, Saratov, Rostov-on-Don, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Perm, Stavropol, Ufa and Yekaterinburg allows to serve clients with the high volume of commodity stocks.

The company cooperates with 10 000 active clients from 82 regions of Russian Federation and the number of customers permanently increases.

Alongside with deliveries of production the company offers specially developed programs on the organization, development and support of clients’ business.

The company has their own trading network of 100 hypermarket in 50 cities and towns of Russia, and corporate departments OfficeMag (www.officemag.ru) in the cities of Moscow, Voronezh, Volgograd, Perm, Stavropol, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa, Nizhniy Novgorod, Kursk and Lipetsk..

Fast facts


Samson Ltd. as the participant of the stationary market exists since 1993. During this period there were several important stages of development.

1993 company foundation. At the time the first retail store was opened.

1995 first import contracts signed with European suppliers. In this year the wholesales department was established.

1997-2000 realization of strategy on development of a network of regional warehouses. Setting up a chain of wholesale stores in the largest cities of Russia. Opening of eight regional divisions in the largest Russian cities.

1998 co-operation with Asian manufacturers started, private label production launch. The beginning of sales of exclusive trade marks — STAFF. Other trademarks GALANT, BRAUBERG and ПИФАГОР (PYTHAGOR) were registered later — in 2003/2004.

In 2000 as the enterprise strategic management takes root, the strategic committee is formed, the system of budgeting begins. At the time was printed the first wholesale trade catalogue, that allowed considerably to raise efficiency of servicing of the Clients.

2003-2005 a new central distributive warehouse at head office started its work, significant expansion of the warehouse areas in regional divisions took place.

2004 opening of a contract supply division to serve corporate customers OFFICEMAG (www.officemag.ru) in Voronezh and Volgograd.

2005 allocation of marketing and logistics in separate services, the beginning of the dealer program, release of the first circulation of the dealer catalogue.

2006 — beginning of introduction of the process approach to management.

2007 — realization of the new all-Russia project on service of corporate clients OFFICE PLANET (www.office-planet.ru).

2007-2009 — due to active regional warehouse network expansion in Domodedovo, Perm, Stavropol, Ufa and enlarging distribution center in Voronezh total warehouse area was considerably enhanced.

2008-2009regular route delivering system was developed and implemented.

2010a warehouse management system (WMS) was installed in “Samson” central warehouse.

2011first superstore of school and office products OFFICEMAG launched.

2012the Teaming Agreement with Lyreco was signed.

2014 — Samson Ltd. opened a new central warehouse with 26 000 CBM of storage volume.

2016new distribution center was opened in Yekaterinburg.

2020 — Samson Ltd. Launched sales to countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

2021superstore of school and office products OFFICEMAG reached 100 stores.

2024 — plans for +50 OFFICEMAG superstores every year.

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